How are those New Year’s Resolutions workin’ out for ya?

I’m actually doing pretty well.  I promised I would write something every day, and here I am.  (I’m not going to publish everything, though, so there won’t be that much for you to read – hope that helps).  And I have been exercising more – yoga and rebounding here at home added to the twice weekly trips to the swimming pool.

But I didn’t show up here to brag about my own success.  I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you succeed in getting healthier in 2017.  Mostly, I wanted to point out that this whole New Year thing is rather overblown.  Since I’ve been consistently involved with the USA school year (not the first five years before kindergarten  or the past three years since I retired, but for the other 58 years of my life), it has always seemed to be that a new school year was much more like a fresh start than some arbitrary winter day in January.

And that’s my point.  Don’t let the next 361 days go by without doing something different just because the first 4 days of January are already in the book.  Start something new today…or tomorrow…or next week.  I started the eating plan that helped me get healthy and 30 pounds later one day in February of 2015.  That’s about two years ago.  Does the exact day matter?  Not really.  Does feeling better and being 30 pounds lighter make a difference?  Absolutely.

If you want to check out my eating plan, it’s called the Wheat Belly Way of Eating (or WOE).  I don’t get any kind of compensation from endorsing Dr. Davis or his work or his books or his blog.  I am simply a fan who knows that this works.  Find out more at  They have new groups starting every month all year long.  And you don’t even have to wait for that.  You can start your new year and your new life as soon as you’re ready.






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