Think about all the health information that’s out here on the Internet….
Feeling a bit overwhelmed just now? I used to have that situation. If you are frustrated by trying to implement everything you read here, I can relate. It is impossible to use every bit of the wisdom that we find here – there is too much, and some of it is contradictory.
I’m here today to share my solution. It may work for you too. What is the answer? Ask your subconscious mind.
Ask your subconscious mind about everything that concerns you. For example, as you read some information about the “_________ Foods that will ________” (fill in your own blanks), ask yourself if this is the right approach for you.
How do you get an answer? By employing the strategy called muscle testing. Here’s how it works. You can develop your intuition by asking clear questions of the inner intelligence in your subconscious mind. Try this technique called muscle testing to answer any Yes-No questions.
Start by making a link using the thumb and first finger of each hand. Join the links so that one is inside the other. (See photo)

ring holds firm on “Yes”

While you have the link, think or say “Yes!” – out loud if possible. Then try to break the link. It’s likely to be strong and hard to break. Then say or think “No” while you try to break the link. Did it come apart without much effort this time?
That happens because your subconscious mind is attracted to truth and repelled by untruth. Your body will be strong on truth and weak on falsehood. Another method of muscle testing is “stand and sway.” When you can, stand up, clear your mind and ask your body a question with a “Yes” or “No” answer. Continuing with the example above, you could ask, “Would eating more of (this food) be good for me?” Your body will sway slightly forward if the food is beneficial, and slightly backwards if not.
As you use these techniques, pay attention to your inner feelings to gain greater clarity and trust in your intuitive abilities, allowing your intuition to guide more of your choices and actions each day.


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