Some of you who started with me on “A New Series for Spring and Summer” may have been wondering what happened. Let me explain. Around the end of May, I was suddenly and unexpectedly needed to work (and live) at the Boy Scout camp near me in Mountain, Wisconsin. The job started June 1 and ended on August 6. After that, I needed a little time to recover and catch up on things around home that had been neglected all summer.

The job included a trip to Pennsylvania for training starting immediately, then some additional training elsewhere in Wisconsin, then the camp season. It was a whirlwind of activity and a lot of hard work. At the same time, it was fun to meet the challenge of running the camp program, a job usually done by somebody much younger and a bit more familiar with the details.

But I survived and earned a little extra money in the process. I bought myself a kayak for paddling around the rest of this summer and beyond.39522545_10214939868622976_2366355181404160_n.jpg

Other benefits included walking a lot (at least 6 miles every day, often more) and therefore losing a few pounds. The food was mostly processed, except for the salad bar, so I usually made a smoothie on my own for breakfast with Primal Fuel, and then ate salad with one of the Primal dressings for lunch and dinner.

I intend to continue walking more, because I look like I lost more than a few pounds, and I will continue to swim and go the gym also. The “New Series for the Spring and Summer” will extend into the fall, starting next week. I’ll meet you back here then, okay?


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