The whole law in one word – Play! Perfect for this Labor Day holiday in the states, as well as being my personal favorite. This could be the one I probably need to work on the most…but wait! “Work on”? Not the right approach. We might all be better off if we re-thought about exercise as play. It’s rather sad that we don’t just “go out and play” like when we were kids. In another post, I wrote about how many of my adult years were spent doing “exercise” that I didn’t really like, all the while forgetting how much I loved to swim – not for the sake of timing my laps, but for the sheer joy of how I feel when I’m moving in the water in a lake or a pool.

Swimming might not be your thing – particularly if you live in a cold climate (I do) or have problems with chlorine (I don’t – but we’re all different). However, that advice about finding something you love to do still holds. Some of us can go to the gym to play – maybe a sport like basketball, maybe a bike or a treadmill. For me, it seems that paying the monthly gym fee makes me more motivated to go there and get my money’s worth. I also like to walk outdoors when the weather allows.

Whatever your way to play is – get out there! And let me know how it goes.


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