This one is contrary to a lot of stuff you’ve read and heard, but there is science to back up the claim that light is very important to human health. Primal people lived mostly outside, after all. The amount of light you need may differ according to your genetics and skin tone, but everybody should try to be outside in the sun without sunglasses for at least 20 minutes daily, according to many health experts. Dave Asprey of Bulletproof says that getting outside for even a few minutes within an hour of waking up, even on a cloudy day, gets the right kind of natural light into the retinas of your eyes, which tells your body that it’s time to wake up. In fact, I’m going outside for a few minutes now that I think of it.

Okay, I’m back with my Bulletproof coffee in hand. (Find out more about all things Bulletproof here) Headstrong by Dave Asprey. Dave Asprey recommends several easy ways to help your body with “real” light vs “junk light”

– get outside for a few minutes early in the day
– try for 20 minutes outside at midday
– no screens and only low, warm light (like the primal people got around the campfire) after sunset

Dave himself lives in Canada, so he is well aware of the problems that not enough sun can cause, and he knows that no artificial light after sunset is not at all practical for some of us. So he recommends using glasses to block the blue light after dark if you need some artificial light. Sunglasses are a good start, as I wrote in the post about rule #5 – Get Enough Sleep. Since that post was published, my good friend Joanne has let me know that “You can get inexpensive blue blocker glasses from Amazon for about $10-$12. Look for the Uvex brand – they look like safety glasses, but they will block almost all blue light. I wear them about 2 hours before bedtime and they make a big difference.”

Thanks for that info, Joanne, I do the same thing…especially when I have to break the rules and watch tv late at night – like when the Packers are beating the Bears or when the Brewers are in a pennant race with the Cubs. Both of those happened in the last few days. I think that has to do with why this post is a day late!

See you next week.


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