Trauma in the world of our cavemen ancestors was different than what we think of as traumatic today. Keeping in mind that there were no emergency rooms or “trauma” centers at the hospital (because there were no hospitals!), a trauma could be as simple as a twisted knee or a sprained ankle. If you couldn’t run away from danger, or couldn’t hunt, you were in grave danger. You could be left behind to starve by the tribe, or become prey for the nearest predator. Serious stuff indeed.

It’s this law that explains a misconception that many modern humans have about lifespan in the primal times. While it’s true that the “average” life expectancy was shorter than ours in modern times, there were two main factors that brought the average down. The first was childhood illnesses like smallpox, which we have mostly conquered, The second was death due to trauma – broken bones and wounds that caused substantial bleeding. A person who avoided those two main types of trauma had a good chance of living a strong and vibrant life for 60 years or more.

I might add to the rule by suggesting that you do as I do and avoid “drama” as well as “trauma.” Personally, I stay away from toxic people as well as situations where the fun is not worth the price. That means I don’t hang out with negative, gossipy people. I also don’t try to do things that are beyond my physical skills at the age of 68 – no more water skiing (maybe tubing!), no more black diamond downhill ski hills, no jet skis. I don’t ride motorcycles or ATVs because I can’t see the point – I don’t need to breathe in diesel fuel and eat bugs while sitting on my butt riding from gas station or saloon to the next to eat unhealthy snacks. But if that’s your thing, please be careful. Same goes for flying your own plane or cleaning your own gutters.

There are plenty of fun and healthy activities left for me to keep fit – the gym for winter and rainy days in the summer, swimming in a pool or lake, biking (because I live in the country), kayaking, pedal boating, walking and hiking. The common theme here is that I provide the energy and I don’t harm the environment.

Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to comment here. And I’ll see you next Tuesday…unless some trauma happens to me in spite of my best efforts!


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