I have missed two of our usual Tuesday postings because I have…something. I don’t know whether it’s a cold or a virus or an allergy or what, but I haven’t felt like my usual healthy self for a couple of weeks now. I didn’t mean to scare anyone, because I’m not dying or anything, but I sure am miserable.

So tell me what you would do. I am open to all suggestions other than a round of antibiotics. I’m not sick enough to consider undoing all the work I’ve done to build up the good bacteria in my gut. Opinions are varied as to whether gut flora, once destroyed by antibiotics, can come back. Estimates vary from a couple of days to never! So I don’t want to risk that. Given that option, I’ll ride out my alternately stuffy/runny nose, dry cough, and tiredness for another week or so.

Give me your best natural home remedies, and I’ll try them and report back. Thanks.


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