Just like almost everyone else, I have been looking both forward and backward the last few days. Here are my proud accomplishments for 2018:

– I lost 20 pounds. Ten more to go!
– I joined a gym and went at least twice a week…most weeks, more often.

Confession #1: there’s an infrared sauna to use there, which I consider my “reward” for working out. Infrared saunas are good for lots of things, and keeping Lyme bugs at bay is one of them, so I’m highly motivated.

Confession #2: the only time I didn’t go to the gym was during the eight weeks I worked as Program Director of a Boy Scout summer camp. I am very proud that I have worked my way back to being healthy enough to do that. And I plan to do it again in 2019! And no worries about getting enough exercise there – there only means of travel is your two feet. I walked at least seven miles a day there…most days, even more.

– I offered a free class in Primal Health principles to my fellow members at the gym. Hoping that will lead to some clients in this New Year.

And here are my plans for 2019:

– I intend to post a blog entry here every Thursday. I didn’t stick to my resolution on blogging for last year, so it’s an area where I can improve.

– I intend to continue living by the laws of the Primal Blueprint. That will help me lose more weight, keep exercising, improve my stamina, and stay healthy overall. Want to join me? All the help you need is here on the blog. And you can write or call if you need more help or have questions.


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