Energy is the stuff that everything is made of – us and our computers and our chairs…all made of pure energy. We can’t see that energy but we can sense it using our intuition. Modern science confirms what ancient cultures knew centuries ago – we are made of energy, and the field of our energy surrounds us.  These laws of energy are just as reliable as the law of gravity, but we have not been taught about these energy laws and so we do not accept them easily.

If and when you are willing to work to change the energy and the past programming of your own subconscious mind, there is literally a universe of possibilities open to you – in your career, your relationships, your health, your finances and every other part of your life.  This is an aspect of life where I am definitely still learning, and where there will always be more to learn and where the possibilities will continue to expand.  If you want to join the journey, contact me here