News this week included the information that Obamacare (actually, the Affordable Health Care Act) isn’t going to be so affordable after all. Premiums are expected to rise for 2017. It’s also the time of year when premium increases are announced for private health insurance, and those of us on Medicare have to keep or change our health plans.

I am concerned about all of this. With 18 months of Medicare experience, I have determined that much of what is covered isn’t right for me. The one and only supplement I need to take for my thyroid condition is not covered. Tests are expensive. Hospital charges are astronomical. And it seems to be the same no matter what kind of insurance you have and where and how you get it.

I have moved over to the group that favors something called “functional medicine.” Functional medicine looks for the root cause(s) of your situation, and empowers you to take more control over your own health and wellness. The functional folks believe (as I do) that our system is fundamentally broken – that a separate “pill for every ill” and a separate physician for every body part is not the way forward.

What I learned as I put my Chronic Lyme disease into remission is that there are no easy answers and no shortcuts. Healing comes from doing all those things that your mother and grandmother advocated – get enough sleep, manage your stress, eat real food and get some exercise.

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