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Primal Blueprint Law #6 – Play!

The whole law in one word - Play! Perfect for this Labor Day holiday in the states, as well as being my personal favorite. This could be the one I probably need to work on the most...but wait! "Work on"? Not the right approach. We might all be better off if we re-thought about exercise … Continue reading Primal Blueprint Law #6 – Play!


PRIMAL BLUEPRINT LAW #1 Mark Sisson’s own words: “1. Eat lots of animals, insects and plants Focus on quality sources of protein (all forms of meat, fowl, fish), lots of colorful vegetables, some select fruits (mostly berries) and healthy fats (nuts, avocados, coconuts, olive oil). Observe portion control (calorie distribution) week-to-week more than meal-to-meal. The majority of your … Continue reading PRIMAL BLUEPRINT LAW #1